Mar 182011
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To play TDC / Yousee play’s music files other places than on the computer and through Windows Media Player you have to remove DRM (Digital Rights Management). This can be done by using a program called SoundTaxi. Since SoundTaxi relies on Windows Media Player, you will need a computer with Windows on, to convert the files.

Trial version
Buy here ($26.99)
Trial version
Buy here ($19.99)
Trial version
Buy here ($39.99)
Trial version
Buy here ($59,99)

Things you will need:
:: SoundTaxi
:: Windows
:: Access to TDC / Yousee Play
:: A computer, which can play TDC / yousee play files

The program is available in two versions a Platinum and a Professional. SoundTaxi Platinum costs $19.99 and the SoundTaxi Professional costs $26.99.
The difference between the two versions is speed. SoundTaxi Platinum can only convert up to 2 tracks at the same time, and have a max convert speed of 6 times the playback speed. SoundTaxi Professional can convert up to 16 tracks at the same time and with a speed of up to 50 times as fast as the playback speed. If you want to remove DRM from many songs i would recommend the Professinal edition.
Click here to buy the Professional edition ($ 26.99)
Click here to buy the Platinum edition ($ 19.99)
The prices above is without Extended Download Service. To get the price without Extended Download Service you have to click on the trash can, when buying the program through the links on this site.

Once you have purchased the program and downloaded songs from TDC / Yousee play, and removed the DRM with SoundTaxi. The new music files can be played on your mac (even through iTunes), iPod, iPhone, MP3 player, cell phone, and you can even burn them onto a CD and hear them through your car stereo or your CD-player.

A little guide:
1. Download music file from TDC / Yousee play (if you downloaded an entire album, so remember to extract the files).
2. Open Sound Taxi.
3. Press “Select Files” and select the files you want to remove DRM of.
4. Press “Convert”, and the process is starts.

Note: The first time you use the program you may want to first choose “Settings” and choose where to save your new files without DRM and how much they must fill. Before using the program you must also play a few songs in Windows Media Player to update the Windows Media Player to play the format, as this is required to SoundTaxi can convert the songs. :-)

Below is a quick review of the program and how to convert files (unfortunately the text is in danish):

Choose better resolution to read text. ;-)

A small screenshot of Sound Taxi:

(Click image to zoom)

Sound Taxi is also available in two more expensive versions:
Push here to purchase Professinal+VideoRip edition ($39.99, with this you can also rip videos)
Push here to purchase the entire SoundTaxi Media Suite ($59.99, this is also a Audio and video converter, web video downloads, music downloads, web radio recorder and DVD backup program)

Are you uncertain that the program will work, then download Soundtaxi in trial version here. The trial version can only convert the first 30 seconds of your songs until you buy a license through the program.

If you were looking for a native converter to mac OS X, then I can reveal that it doesn’t exist. The files from TDC / Yousee play is only available on Windows, but if you remove the DRM through Windows and SoundTaxi, then it can be played on a mac, and everywhere else.

To you have questions to the process, then feel free to send me an e-mail or write a comment.

Trial version Trial version Trial version Trial version
Buy here ($26.99) Buy here ($19.99) Buy here ($39.99) Buy here ($59,99)

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